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Blog to Book

Increase your visibility online while preparing for a book launch with weekly blog posts and a full-length book manuscript ghostwritten for you. Your audience will come to hear you speak and they will stay for the actionable steps in your message.

You can have an active blog and a self-published book in as little as a year from now.

Non-Fiction Book

Share your message with a larger audience when you get your book completed by a ghostwriter. Add value to your field by sharing your unique perspective and ideas generated from your years of experience. Boost your credibility by turning your passion into the book your industry needs.

You could be a self-published author in 3-4 months.

Book Outline

You are a skilled writer and know it’s time to finally write your next book. You have a general idea of the subject but distilling your experience into a single theme is tricky. Leave it to a professional ghostwriter to create a thorough book outline with chapter summaries and book synopsis to set you up for success.

Course Content

You are an expert who is ready to teach their own course. You have content and research but need it all compiled in a ready-to-use package. Whether leading a webinar or teaching a workshop, I create course content in your own voice that you can use again and again.

I work with speakers and experts to find the words and finish the chapters for their next non-fiction book.

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Writing a book takes time, energy, and skill. As a successful professional, you have the knowledge and the experience your audience wants to absorb. The thing you need is the finished product.

You don’t have to keep typing away at a manuscript for the next two years to get the book you envision.

Let me do the heavy lifting and extra research to get your book ready to wow your audience.

As a professional speaker, you have mastered the challenge of keeping a live audience engaged. You can create a bigger interest in your message by providing your audience added value through consistent quality content. They come to hear you speak and they will stay for the actionable steps in your message.

Stand out in your industry while you strengthen and build the connection with your audience.

Your story is what makes your brand memorable. Present the best version of yourself and your ideas by using a ghostwriter to help you hone your passion into prose. Content creation can help grow your brand, increase sales of your packages and services, and help you advance in your career. Binding your skills and passion into a book is a wonderful way to build credibility in your industry.

Whether you add your thoughts experience to a weekly blog or have a mailing list waiting to hear where you are speaking next, you need quality content to present. As a content strategy expert, I help clients identify the themes and non-fiction story arcs that will start a conversation with their audience.

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