Hi, I'm Chrissy Das!

Are you passionate about your industry? I have been fascinated with publishing since the age of 3 when I learned how to read. There is no better feeling than holding a new book in your hands—except the feeling when the book is your own!

Early in my publishing career I worked as Editorial Assistant with Joggling Board Press. Their talented staff taught me the intricacies of publishing, ranging from what to do with an unsolicited manuscript to shipping a crate of newly printed books to an independent bookstore. Now I operate in the self-publishing world.

I started Content with Chrissy in February 2015 to provide branded content for business owners. I created marketing materials, blog posts, email campaigns, newsletters, anything that required words to connect with the client.

As a full-time ghostwriter, I work with speakers and experts who want to broaden the reach of their ideas.

I still create blog posts and email campaigns but now I do it with the focus to help my clients become published authors.

Want to chat? I am happy to connect with you on LinkedIn, Twitter, or even via Skype. I look forward to meeting you.

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