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Are you keeping your audience interested?

As a professional speaker, you have mastered the challenge of keeping a live audience engaged. You can create a bigger interest in your message by providing your audience added value through consistent quality content. They come to hear you speak and they will stay for the actionable steps in your message.  Actionable steps can become alternate revenue streams. Potential blog post topic.

The Blog to Book process will deliver a fully formatted ebook ready to publish on Amazon or on your own website while also generating weekly blog posts. Ghostwritten blog posts and a complete ebook manuscript are possible with just a few extra ingredients from you.

I know you are a busy person. That’s why I designed this process to require as little from you as possible. There will no homework from our sessions and I encourage you to come as you are. You can have an active blog and a self-published book in as little as a year from now.


3 Ingredients Combined to Form 52 Blog Posts + 300-page Book


Examples of your writing and speaking.

I want to capture your passion and the rhythm of your voice. You have gotten to where you are today because of your personality and moxie. I want to tap into that and create content that showcases the humanity of your message.


Interview time each month.

Even non-fiction books tell a story. I want to hear yours. Give me a few hours of your time each month and I will craft your passion and experience into timely marketable content that engages your audience.


Research or project materials.

Bring your life’s work and I will treat it respectfully and supplement your hard work with 20 additional research hours of my own.

Work with me!

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