You know your business better than anyone and enjoy following industry trends and anticipating client needs. You optimize your products and services to stay at the top of your game and prefer to keep the company of people who do the same.

Why would you outsource writing for your company?


1. Launch a new product or service. You pour a lot of time and energy into moving the company forward. Devote your passion to ideas and let an outsider communicate your vision. A writing consultant can edit your marketing materials, plan a social media campaign, and write a case study while you focus on the logistics of the launch.

2. Free up your employees’ time. Blog posts and newsletter content need to be timely, consistent, and relevant. It can take a few hours a week to keep things running smoothly. A content coordinator can plan your editorial calendar and a contractor can write the posts — leaving your employees available to carry on adding value to the bottom line through new ideas and less “busy work.”

3. Avoid technical jargon. Your last press release was so full of acronyms and industry speak that new buyers skipped to the sports page. Let a writer outside your company explain to a new audience what your business does best. A ghostwriter can present the best side of the company while providing branding consistent with your business’s message.

Improve Marketing Results

4. Improve marketing results. You may have a marketing team on staff. Hire a freelance writer to help during the busy season. Doing so can be cost effective and provide fresh content to your marketing plan. Another opportunity to outsource writing is when your current marketing isn’t delivering the desired results. A content marketer can help you identify new ways to approach the campaign.

5. Get it done right the first time. Your staff may be just fine when it comes to writing but a professional writer can get the project done well and in less company hours than an employee with other tasks on his plate. A pro writer has training and does this for a living.

You don’t need to outsource all of your writing all of the time. Keep the projects that you enjoy and are generating great results. Outsource a project when it falls outside of your core competencies.

What writing projects make you the most nervous? How do you overcome your worries? Let me know in the comments.