Syncopated weight shift onto the ball of the rear foot and back to the flat front foot.

I registered for Jazz Dance freshman year of college, thinking it would be an easy way to meet the physical education requirement of my Bachelors degree and hoping to learn to move like Roxie in Cabaret. I emerged those many years ago with a solid B and a new-found respect for the dancer’s life.

The step ball change I learned in Jazz continues to serve me well as I launch my first business. In February 2015, I was ready for a change. I was approaching the second year of a job that used my editing skills without offering much else in the way of creative output. I transitioned from the 8 – 6 office job to the limitless hours of a home office.

I started building websites for a few clients and found that my favorite portion of the site was not the creation but the content. Coming from a strictly writing background and entering the world of web design is not an easy journey. I did not communicate clearly with the client and did not ask the right questions to produce the website the client required. I should have explained which services and features required additional cost. I was paying out-of-pocket for premium plugins that had not been figured into the original price. I made many mistakes and gave a few refunds, suggesting other website providers to my now former clients and shifted back to writing and editing online content.

My step ball change back to writing from offering website services was not the perfect decision. Great content cannot survive on its own. As I got more writing clients, their need for a website kept returning to the top of our marketing plan. An author needs a platform and a site that they control. I bulked up on my knowledge of pricing for websites and upgraded my server. I can’t wait to unveil my new client sites coming soon.

I am shifting back to the website side with more knowledge and greater confidence in my skills. Websites and writers do not have to exist at odds.