Remember when you were growing up and your Mom would tell you, “Do as I say, not as I do”? This isn’t one of those pieces of advice. When I launched Content with Chrissy in February 2015, I happily accepted ghostwriting projects for everything from blog posts to ebooks. Want to know what I didn’t do for myself? Write blog posts and ebooks. I have been focusing on client work and forgetting an important part of my business success is creating content to share with my own audience.

A year and a half into being a business owner, I still forget to hire myself. The good news, it’s not too late! The history of the web is long and there is no time like the present to start doing those things you meant to do. During the next 90 days, I am hiring myself to complete the following projects:

hire yourself first


Research SEO keywords. We all want to be Google’s favorite and my client’s are happy when the traffic on their site is up. I need to focus my skills on my main website, refocus my keywords, and keep my SEO neat and tidy.

Fill my editorial calendar(s). Part of identifying and optimizing the best keywords for my site is making sure my content is backing up my main goals. Ten months of no blog posts and six months of a weak presence on social media has me cringing and wanting to hide under my desk. No time like the present to flesh out my style guide and fill my editorial calendar with content designed to inspire, educate, and engage my audience.

Launch collegeandcareeredits.comI encourage my clients to focus on one cohesive idea per website. For me, I decided it was necessary split my individual clients and my business clients. Content with Chrissy will continue to work with businesses to improve both internal and public communication; College and Career Edits will work with students and professionals and serve their writing needs.

Create a consistent schedule for social media accounts. My ideal clients spend time on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook. I need to increase my visibility in an authentic way to better reach my audience. A consistent schedule will help me provide content in an easy-to-follow format.

What service is your business selling that you are not delivering to yourself?