No one knows your business better than you do but it can still be hard to come up with quality blog posts every week. If you are at a loss for where to start creating content for your business, try brainstorming from experiences in your life. Great content will resonate with readers when you share a topic you are passionate and know a lot about. Still stumped? Try one of these methods for finding inspiration for your next blog post:

  1. Current Events
    Politics aside, you can tap into the popularity of current events and how they effect your customers. Many retail businesses and hospitality industry locations have hopped onto the Pokemon craze by setting lures and posting pictures of Pokemon caught at their store. You could also feature a local charity your business supports in a Back to School supply drive or annual fundraising event.
  2. Google Alerts
    Set and receive alerts for the keywords you choose. Get creative and pick words that are related to the challenges your customers face. This is also a good way to check on your SEO choices and make sure you are positioned correctly.
  3. Client Success Stories
    Turn a testimonial into a blog post. With your client’s permission, showcase the work your business did for them and the results it generated. This is a great opportunity to incorporate a video featuring your client and generate some human interest.
  4. Customer Service
    You know those funny stories that you tell your spouse when you come home? Share a lighthearted story about common issues your customers face and how your product or service is able to help them. When an employee goes above and beyond to help a customer, publicly praise your employee and share their process of helping the customer.
  5. Business Milestones
    Celebrate anniversaries and when your company reaches momentous goals. Happy news makes people happy. When you share something significant about your business with your readers, they will identify with your sucess.
  6. Local Library
    You can enter a keyword into the online catalog and check out dozens of books on the same topic. The local library is a great place to immerse yourself in your favorite topic. Make friends with the librarians and ask for recommendations for topics outside of your industry. You can also check out the latest business book and comment about how the trends impact your customer base.
  7. Conferences
    Make connections in real life. Meet and share ideas in a new environment with 100 of your closest work friends. Stay current on industry news and ahead of upcoming trends. Conferences are a great place to learn about the questions everyone is asking about your company.

When you write your blog post, be sure to track the number of new and repeat visitors to your site. Use GoogleAnalytics or another tracking software to see which posts are most popular on your website. Harness what works for your business and your readers and run with it. So tell me: where do you find inspiration for your blog posts?