Your success is built on your skills and knowledge.

In the age of self-publishing and rapidly improving technology, make a lasting mark on your industry. Show current clients and future customers the width and breadth of your knowledge.

I am a professional proofreader and copy editor, and have begun developmental editing. I specialize in non-fiction but also enjoy editing fiction. My area of editorial strength is my ability to hone the writer’s idea into an actionable sentence. Focus on the ideas and let me help shape your words.


How can we work together? 


Bring me an idea

We can write the ebook together. This is a great option if you need a hand with the writing side. The best part? My writing is behind-the-scenes. You retain full authorship and credit when you publish your book.


Bring me a manuscript

Tell me about your idea and your target market and I will hone your words and prepare them for your audience.


I am a professional editor with seven years of experience helping new and established authors share their stories with the world. I edit business and lifestyle non-fiction novels and provide heavy copy-editing and developmental editing services.

Editing occupies many of my working hours. I edit correspondence, newsletters, novels, and ebooks. My first editing experience was a positive one; I worked as a Peer Writing Consultant during college and helped students edit essays and projects. I grew most as an editor during my time as Editorial Assistant with Joggling Board Press.

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