Ghostwriting Process

Content with Chrissy is ready to meet you at each stage of the ghostwriting process. Whether you want a year-long commitment to increase your online visibility or need your book available for purchase before your next conference, ghostwriting can help you achieve your goals.

The best part about creating quality content? You don’t have to write it alone! As an experienced writer, I will interview you and use your voice and research to craft a non-fiction book in your area of expertise.

Your audience loved your topic and your research. Give them a way to dive deeper into the material by providing a quality book about the topic and your unique perspective. You already have a captive audience; now strengthen the relationship.

Book Outline

Organize Research into Book Outline and Synopsis.
One Month
  • Book outline¬†with 12 chaptersBook
  • Book synopsis
  • Query letter
  • 2 Research Hours


Complete and Self-Publish Non-Fiction Book
One Quarter
  • Non-fiction novel of 300 pages
  • 10 Research Hours
  • Layout and design of ebook
  • Copyright registration
  • ISBN and barcode
  • Amazon upload

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